"Empowering Voices: SFEG's National Essay Contest Takes on Period Poverty with 2.5M in Cash Prizes"

"Empowering Voices: SFEG's National Essay Contest Takes on Period Poverty with 2.5M in Cash Prizes"

Safety For Every Girl
The Safety for Every Girl (SFEG), a foundation led by women, is announcing the commencement of entries for the 2024 National Essay Competition. This competition encourages women and girls to use their influential voices to address the issue of period poverty in Nigeria. Entry submissions are open and can be made at the foundation's website without any associated fees.

The 2024 National Essay Competition, centered around the theme "Innovative Solutions to fight Period Poverty in Nigeria," holds significant importance in SFEG's extensive plan to mark International Women's Day in 2024. This endeavor represents a merging of the essay competition with a groundbreaking Period Summit scheduled for March 6, 2024. Collectively, these components establish a robust platform where community voices can actively contribute to the promotion of inclusivity and equity.

She extended her invitation, encouraging more individuals and organizations to join the movement, actively contributing to shaping change and advocating for menstrual equity across 

“This year’s essay theme is a crucial topic aimed at sparking a wave of meaningful discussions and imaginative ideas that have the potential to provide concrete solutions to period poverty in Nigeria”, said Chioma Nwigwe, Founder of Safety For Every Girl and convener of The Period Summit.

“We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our esteemed sponsors, MTN, Tenece, and Platform Branding Company, for their support in making this impactful initiative possible. Together, we strive to inspire a collective effort towards inclusivity and equity, empowering a future where every girl can embrace her full potential,”

Competition Overview

The competition consists of two age categories: Teen (13-19 years) and Adult (20-35 years)

Teen Category Prizes
- 1st Prize: N400,000
- 2nd Prize: N250,000
- 3rd Prize: N150,000

Adult Category Prizes:
- 1st Prize: N750,000
- 2nd Prize: N400,000
- 3rd Prize: N200,000

Participants are adviced to submit essays on the topic "Innovative Solutions to fight Period Poverty in Nigeria" through the competition website.

The deadline for essay submissions is 11:59 pm WAT on the 15th of February 2024.

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