“He is my best Nigerian artist”- Odumodu Blvck Adores Omah Lay

“He is my best Nigerian artist”- Odumodu Blvck Adores Omah Lay

Blvck, a renowned rap artist, has recently publicly declared his deep admiration for Omah Lay, a fellow Nigerian artist.

In interviews, Blvck consistently takes the opportunity to discuss Omah Lay, emphasizing the unique and divine gift he believes Omah Lay possesses from God.

Despite Omah Lay's calm and reserved nature, Blvck argues that he doesn't receive the recognition he truly deserves.

Blvck commends Omah Lay's music, describing his melodies as "divine," and encourages skeptics to verify his success by checking the charts.

According to Blvck, Omah Lay's music stands out for its purity, relying solely on artistic merit rather than financial backing or style.

In Blvck's view, Omah Lay represents the most influential sound in the current music scene.

However, in a recent top five artists list provided by Blvck, there was a notable absence of Wizkid, another prominent figure in the music industry.

This exclusion has triggered outrage among Wizkid's fans. Blvck defended his choices, explaining that they were based on current trends and that Wizkid didn't make the list because he is currently on a break from music.

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