Emem Uyet - I Love You Lord [prod. George Eju]

 Emem Uyet - I Love You Lord [prod. George Eju]

Emem Uyet, Akwa Ibom gospel song star is out with her most debut single titled 

The hip hop fusion sound is blessed with good lyrics and musical arrangement..

Emem Uyet, being a believer and a gospel minstrel overtime, has thought of blessing life with not just the normal tunes or sound (pattern) of worship, rather with an exclusive pattern of music, yet still inspiring...

"I Love You Lord" was birthed at the place of intense worship and meditation.

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lyrics "I Love You Lord"

The I praise your name
For all your blessings
and I lift my voice to glorify your name
You have done it
Eyes have seen it I will live to praise your Holy name eh eh eh
I say

Chorus : I love you Lord from the bottom of my heart
And I promise to love you forever
Through every trials I've learned to love you more
Help me lord, help me lord. Help me lord to love you more oh oh oh


This is my promise to you, I'm gonna love forever
No matter trouble I face, they'll never make me derail
No matter problem I see they'll never keep me away I'm gonna dwell in your presence until my stories change
Lord this is wicked they never want us to live
They always want us to cry , they also want to beg
How can we live in peace with those who do not know peace
They always set up a trap for them to catch up our soul, they always dig up a pit For us to fall into it
Upon how they struggle but all to no avail
For God has said in his word that he is our refuge our shelter and our shield, that we shall pass through waters, they'll never overwhelm us.
Yeah yeah they'll never overwhelm us.

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